Terms of Service

1. We are not responsible for failed Refunds/SE, they are up to your individual capability and we will not provide help for it, there will be no refunds for the order once it is complete.

2. Same goes for if you don't get the refund from a specific store when they claim they did not get what they are supposed to get or anything related. We will not be responsible as long as our job was done correctly and tracking shows correctly.

3. Packages are sent out every day, other than weekends. You might need to wait an extra 48 hours after the order was marked as shipped.

4. If we find any signs of relabeling the shipping label, we won't be responsible if the label gets relabeled by the specific courier, as we don't have control of the package after shipping it. So no refunds for the order will be processed.

5. We will not provide help for your Refund or SE, do not ask us how to do it, what option you should use, or how to box it.

6. Receipts are provided free of charge unless if the country tab shows paid receipt option. We do not store receipts for all couriers, so we might not have the specific carrier receipt in possession.

7. We are allowed to cancel any order for any reason.

8. If we find any signs of the pre-edited labels, we will cancel the order.

9. Once you deposit money to the website, you cannot request a withdraw without a fail on our end.

10. We DO NOT tolerate scamming individual sellers from such as eBay by sending them FTIDs and so on. Same for DHL Express orders, we don't accept them except if indicated. Every order containing eBay orders, individual sellers or DHL Express will be immediately canceled.

11. We do not give the drop off location under any circumstances for the safety of our staff.

12. You should contact us within 30 days of your order for any issues, passed that we cannot help you with you order. All inquiries concerned.

13. The Terms of Service are subject to change at any moment and without prior notice to the customer.

14. All deposits are non-withdrawable and may only be applied to platform purchases. There is no way to exchange for actual money.